Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to complete an order?

The University of Wales endeavors to complete all orders received within 5-10 working days of receipt of completed order, subject to query.  If there is a query relating to the order we will contact you by email in order to request further information.

2. What documents can be provided for graduates who completed studies at in institution in Wales?

The University of Wales holds a record of the final result for all University of Wales graduates who completed their studies at an institution in Wales.  We can therefore provide confirmation of the award received and a replacement certificate if the original has been lost.

To confirm we are unable to provide a full transcript of study, this document would be issued directly by the institution attended if details are available from your period of study. Please go to their website for information on how to proceed.

3. What are certified copies and how much do they cost?

We can provide certified copies of all documents issued by the University of Wales.  In order to obtain this a copy of your original document should be uploaded via our website.  It will then be stamped and verified as an authentic copy of the original  and sent out in the post as required.  Please note that we are only able to certify documents issued by the University of Wales, if your transcript was issued by the institution at which you studied then you will need to apply directly to them for verification.

To confirm we only require one payment of £10.00 for certified copies of all University of Wales documents, if you require more than one set of documents then please note this in the additional information field.

4. I’m having trouble uploading documents to be certified, what can I do?

There are occasions where applicants are unable to upload all documents required, despite being within the size limit specified.  If you do experience any problems then please upload one page of the documents required, then, once you have completed the order and have received an order number, email the remainder of the documents to