Display Certificates


The University of Wales offers the opportunity for graduates to purchase a more ornate version of their degree certificate for display purposes, as a unique memento of their studies at the University.

  • Produced on High Quality A3 Paper
  • Full handwritten Calligraphy
  • University of Wales Crest
  • Colour Embossed Seals*
  • Signed by the Vice-Chancellor
  • Choice of English or Welsh Text
  • Despatched by Recorded Delivery
  • Please allow 8-12 weeks from order to delivery
  • The University will only provide one display certificate for each award completed

* Please note that if you received a diploma or certificate then the display certificate will not include the colour embossed seals.  These will only be included where a full degree was completed.


 £78.00 inc vat

Customise your Certificate

Please tell us about your degree and choose options for your certificate

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